The Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology, and the Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences of the Jagiellonian University, as well as the Institute of Forensic Research cordially invite you to take part in this year’s Symposium of Forensic Genetics , which will be held 7-8 April 2016 in the Auditorium Maximum of the Jagiellonian University. The conference will be combined with workshops sponsored by 7PR UE EUROFORGEN-NoE funds – these  workshops will cover two important aspects of contemporary forensic genetics:

- Dr Corina Benschop from the Netherlands Forensic Institute will conduct training in the use of the LRmix Studio programme for the interpretation of mixed DNA profiles;

- Dr Chris Phillips from the University of Santiago de Compostela will conduct training in the use of the Snipper programme for, amongst other things, prediction of ancestral origin.

Problems linked with interpretation of the results of DNA analysis and the use of DNA analysis in the investigative process will at the same time be the main topic of the symposium itself, and the inaugural lecture will be delivered by our special guest – Carla Oz from the Israel Police Division of Identification and Forensic Science. She is the author of an article titled: “The Israel Police DNA database: Recognizing the capability of databases in providing investigative leads.”

Participation by attendees is completely free, and the exceptionally practical dimension of the Symposium of Forensic Genetics will provide a unique opportunity to enhance your skills in the field of analysis and interpretation of DNA in forensic investigations. If you wish to fully participate in the planned workshop activities you must bring a laptop.

We wish to draw your attention to the fact that registration will be possible up to 15 March 2016, but the number of places is limited.

We warmly invite you to participate in the symposium!

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

Wojciech  Branicki     Tomasz Kupiec